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In The Scrum: UFC 153

UFC President Dana WhiteAfter this weekend’s UFC 153 event in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, UFC President Dana White sat with various media outlets to discuss a variety of topics regarding the promotion. MMA Frenzy has reported various noteworthy items from the scrum, what follows is a complete list of topics White discussed. 
  • Dana White feels that Anderson Silva is “playing games” with him and will fight both Jon Jones and George St-Pierre.
  • Fitch is in a tough spot because he lost to GSP so decisively; the best thing that could happen to him is Condit beating St-Pierre.
  • Erick Silva, who came up on the losing end of an instant classic with Fitch, is definitely though, his next fight should be very telling as to how good he is.
  • Demian Maia looks impressive at welterweight, White expected Story to defeat him.
  • “Anderson Silva might be the best fighter in any combat sport”, the UFC president goes on to compare him to Michael Jordan.
  • White will undergo surgery for meniere’s disease this week, with a 70% of it being cured. His condition severely hindered him during recent trips to Toronto and England, was unaffected by it in Brazil.
  • The UFC’s main focus for next year is India. The Ultimate Fighter, the finale, and another event.
  • “Jose Aldo, I love you man. But dude, you made a lot of money. You cheap bastard! Buy a car, alright man? You’re still driving around on a motorcycle, for Christ’s sake? He doesn’t have a license? I don’t even know what to say to that. Get a f—-n’ ride, then. Have a friend pick you up and drive you,” ribbed the president.
  • Shogun vs. Gustaffson will be a title eliminator.
  • Jose Aldo’s next fight will not be in Brazil.
  • The UFC is working on expanding throughout Brazil.
  • Dana is unsure as to GSP will face the winner of Kampmann-Hendricks or Anderson Silva first, pending the outcome of the Condit bout.
  • Zuffa is considering a regional Brazilian circuit.

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